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Hi guys! here is my Top 5 of the best Multiplayer FPS of 2016, hope you like. ▻ Top 10 Most Underrated Games of 2016 …

Gaming on Android is getting better all the time and that means there are some Android multiplayer games worth playing. If you want the best, here they are!On the hunt for the best FPS games on PC? It’s no easy task. For more than two decades first-person shooter games have been the driving force of the PC gaming Check out our list of the best first-person shooters we’ve ever played.Play the free online game Masked Shooters Multiplayer Edition at Y8.com ! Click to play Masked Shooters Multiplayer Edition free game! We have also This is a repacked and updated version of free online multiplayer arena shooter Nexuiz Classic for windows, mac, linux and androidBased on over 1,000 votes, Halo 3 is ranked number 1 out of 49 choices. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Best Xbox 360 First Person Shooters.What defines the best multiplayer games? Sometimes it’s not the game that shines, it’s the players. Deep gameplay and glistening visuals only go so far in making Arena shooters haven’t changed much over the decades, and they don’t need to.From the usual suspects to those hidden gems you missed in the process. Simply put, we are going to take you on a stroll down FPS memory lane.Shooting games had a rough start on Android, but they’re getting better and better. Check out the absolute best shooting games on Android right now!

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